Sunday, May 22, 2011


One of my random idiosyncrasies is that I have an unabashed fetish for cute grandpas. You know, those that smile warmly, dress anachronistically but still stylishly, and maybe even have a 'baby face' look to them. I understand that this may come off as grossly sexual (haha!), but I really just like them 'cos they're soo cute! Like I want to cuddle with them. Come on, wouldn't you have wanted to cuddle Mr. Miyagi?? Or at least pinch his cheeks?? I lost both grandpas early on, so I guess you could say I have 'grandpa issues'? Lol!
So, this leads me to wonder about the older gentlemen in Hollywood--how they were like when they were young. Sure, George Clooney is the omnipresent poster child for GQ now, but was he as stylish as a teen? Or just plain awkward?
case in point.
Here's a retrospective on stylish men, then and now. Dapper, I tell you, dapper.

my personal fave. paul newman. rest in peace.

sir ian mckellen looking ever-so-stylish

bowie before the glitter.
the other mj.

 sutherland in shades.

john lennon looks like my uncle, seriously.
guess who's coming to dinner?
i never had any doubt, christopher walken- ever since you danced into my heart in that fatboy slim video.

american gigolo, yes please.

bond, james bond.

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  1. these are some of my favorite icons as well.. I love looking at old photos, compare them to the actual time.. the style, the looks, the essence they seemed to have at the moment and how much they have or haven't changed... paul newman was an all time gorgeous man... LOVE Bowie.. and that sutherland photo is just super cool.. great post, take care!


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