Saturday, May 21, 2011


Indeed, it has been a great long while. More than a year, to be, uh, inexact. As the saying goes, real life gets in the way. Yet another saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. <3

Think of this as that random poke you get on Facebook from an old friend, or that missed call on your phone by an unregistered but familiar number, or that email you momentarily thought as spam. It may have been infrequent, it may have been arbitrary. But a nice, friendly welcome nonetheless. 

So, howdy, hello, and a hug from me to you. :-)

 For now let me leave you with some musical goodness featuring three personal faves. This song's perfect; it has intermittently yet stubbornly been in my head for a good year or so--around the same time of my blogging hiatus. 

Enjoy, beautifuls.

1:19 = lykke li goodness
1:44 = santigold

and the actual vid's not bad, either. ;-)

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