Saturday, May 21, 2011


She could be your little sister's potty-mouthed bad influence of a friend who just happens to be 21. Her name is matter-of-factly onomatopoeic and perfectly reflective of her tiny stature. She blogs with multi-colored fonts and winks in gif's. She looks like trouble and a Powerpuff girl all rolled into one.

Bip(asha) Ling, art student-turned-blogger-turned-DJ-slash-model-slash-TV presenter, is invading the blogosphere with swirly neon markers and whiplashed hair. Her style is schizophrenic, never lending itself to a one-liner: she alternately (or simultaneously) embodies punk, pretty, pink, playful, prints, and prepubescent. She's colorful, raucous, witty with her own sub-brand of English humor. She listens to music acts that sound more like they belong in a Lord of the Rings spin-off: Grum, Gonjasufi, Zongamin.

Oh, and when asked why she thinks she's like a pony, she replies, "I am a pony because I have long hair, and I like to do my make-up in a My Little Pony style – black eyeliner and that. And I love My Little Pony."

Of course.

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